– where friends get together

February 2017 – While having my usual Thursday break, at around 6 pm I try to discover new local breweries here in Vancouver, BC. I’ve been doing this for some time and I love the mix of feeling when I get wildly surprised with a hidden spot in my own town. This is my time to relax and chat with friends. No stress. No pressure. Just a beer and a good conversation.

During one of my usual brew-brakes (my own word, don’t judge), my good friend Andres Vargas (@yopera) mentions to me to start a microbrewery blog. “Sounds fun!”, I said and we started

With my background, I created the logo and the image, while Andres created the website and the social media activity. Since then, we have created a website that now has some strong followers and our Instagram and Facebook numbers keep growing every day.

What started as a fun pastime is now a growing community and something we are very proud of. Our blogs are honest and we hope that the local breweries can see the benefit of our support and feedback.



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