Creating a display for Chief Capilano Regalia Blanket

I had the honour to be awarded the contract to design, fabricate and project managed a very special display for the Squamish Nation. This display would be located inside the permanent gallery at the Squamish Lil’Wat Cultural Centre in Whistler, BC.

The unit would hold the precious regalia blanket that Chief Joe Capilano used to wear.


With the consultation of Chief Janice George-Joseph, a great friend and source of Squamish knowledge, we designed the base, the museum-grade security system, and the information panels.

1003_3D Blanke Caset 011209_4

Render created for design approval.


Display during the initial fabrication stage. Fabrication by 3DS.


Display during the painting stage. Fabrication by 3DS.


The final product was an elegant exhibit display that would not take away from the real protagonist of the show, the exquisite Chief Capilano regalia blanket from the Squamish Nation – on loan by the ROM.


Listen in as Chepximya Siyam – “Chief Janice George-Joseph” from the Squamish Nation speaks about the Chief Joe Capilano Blanket, an ancient blanket that has great significance to the Squamish people.



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