ASUR at the World Routes event in Vancouver, BC

Grupo Aeroportuario del Sureste, known as ASUR, hired me and my team to design, build and project manage their new exhibition stand for the World Routes event in Vancouver, BC.

Working with a remote client it is not easy but they where very clear expressing that they wanted to have a space that could feel like if you where in Cancun, Mexico, ready to relax and grab a beer. I started sketching and after a few drafts the design was starting to take shape.

1038_ASUR_Sketch Render view-01

After the preliminary drafts, we decided to create some 3D renderings made by the architect Miguel Angel Cure Arrieta.


During the construction stage, the whole structure had to be prefab at a satellite location, take apart and rebuilt later on on site. 3DS was hired to fabricate, install and take down the structure on site.


The final result was incredible being called as one of the best in the show.  My team took care of not only the design and constrution, but the entertainment and graphics.

Routes 2010_ASUR_Stand_006Routes 2010_ASUR_Stand_002Jesse_Winter_Heading_ASUR_Stand_routes2010_026-smallJesse_Winter_Heading_ASUR_Stand_routes2010_025-smallJesse_Winter_Heading_ASUR_Stand_routes2010_023-smallJesse_Winter_Heading_ASUR_Stand_routes2010_001-small

This client was so pleased with the results that we were hired again to design and project manage his next show in Berlin, Germany.

Photos by Jesse Winter.


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