About Me

I am the president and principal designer of Renowitzky Studio de Diseño Ltd, Made in Print and MIP Boutique and Co-Founder of BeerThere.com.

I have over 14 years of experience managing, designing and coordinating installations, as well as facilitating services such as cost-estimates, project reviews, creating feasibility studies, proposals and development documents for new and existing projects. I have close relation with the principal architects, engineers, interior designer, lighting and sound specialists and other consultants is the main link between the client’s targets and his accomplishments.

I also have a broad experience of involvement with commercial designs requiring a theme as part of their identity, such as sales centers, display homes, building common areas and retails shops. Some example of projects with his involvement are the Opal Sales centre, display home and identity in Richmond, BC, CamWest Homes in Washington State, USA, and various consulting jobs for different clients in South America.

I designed for clients of all ranges and budgets. His involvement in all the projects is initiated at the preliminary stages, to be able to get the most amount content information to carry on with the client’s initial philosophy until the end.

I hold a Master of Architecture, various degrees in design, building conservation, art and planning. I completed the required local and some international building code degrees. His bilingual skills allow him to work in different countries expanding his working horizons. He is member of the TAA Canada (Theme Attraction Association of Canada).

Specialties: Exhibit design, Corporate and retail design, project management, tender packages, interior design, theme attractions, restaurant design, display homes and sales centers.


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